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S&W Global Sunflower Breeding Research and Development

The S&W Global Sunflower Breeding and Development teams are rapidly bringing new hybrids to commercial status.  Improvements in yield and overall performance are providing commercial products that are competing well with the best hybrids in the industry. We have many breeding lines now with the latest genetic tolerance to all strains of Downy Mildew. Herbicide tolerance including the Clearfield and Clearfield Plus production systems and the Sulfonylurea herbicides is a focus for new hybrid releases.

Our European breeding station in Hungary is providing us many hybrids to trial here in the US.    We have trialing sites in North and South Dakota, across the High Plains of Colorado and Kansas and the Panhandle of Texas.   We are screening dozens of new hybrids every year to find the best products for our sunflower growing areas in the US.