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Sunflower Partners ™, a brand of S&W Seed Company, is committed to North America’s sunflower growers’ success. Our global sunflower product development program is bringing forward high performing hybrids designed to fit specific environments and markets around the world.  When you select one of our hybrids you can rest easy knowing that our hybrids have been tested and selected to meet your needs.


In addition to providing you high performing hybrids Sunflower Partners is dedicated to helping you achieve the potential yields those products can bring.   Our sales and agronomic teams stand ready to help you make those key crop management decisions to bring financial success.


S&W Seeds supports a global product development program with breeding stations in Australia, Argentina, and Hungary and testing locations around the globe.  Sunflower Partner hybrids are tested at multiple sites in the key sunflower production areas of North America.

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